Build Housing Security-

• Housing is a human right.

• We need to act as boldly and swiftly as possible. Including voting for Prop 10, enabling tiny home enclaves, and building more affordable secondary units.

• We should work with all willing partners and explore all possibilities.

• The unhoused deserve dignity and respect, they are our neighbors, they are family.


Enact a public Bank of Oakland- 

• Pay down our debt and invest in our needs.  

• Our debt increases yearly by $40 million through unfunded retiree healthcare benefits.

• We are giving banks like Chase millions in debt service every year.

• We can spend that on infrastructure, affordable housing, schools, psych tech and more.


Police reform-

• Make our city safe for everyone.

• Demilitarize the OPD.

• Follow the lead of the Citizens' Police Review Board.

• Shift budget priorities to restorative justice programs, crisis intervention training, and explore creating a psych-tech team.

• Fight racial profiling and explore officer discipline.


Address mismanagement of public funds-

• Work with the public and community organizations to reassess city budget priorities.

• Act on the advice of the City Auditor to reign in waste and overspending.

• Shift budget priorities to the services that have the most impact. For example, housing the unhoused and bringing security and well-being to our children and elders. 


End deferred maintenance-

• Fill the potholes and repair our aging sewer.

• We all know the wear and tear on our cars and bikes and the danger in represents.

• Infrastructure, such as pipes, roads and power lines need major overhaul and are likely to catastrophically fail when we get a big quake.


Improve earthquake and fire preparedness-

• The hills need evacuation routes updated in case of fire or quake.

• We must explore allocating funds to retrofit soft-story buildings.


People first, always.







Elect Matt Hummel For Oakland City Council District 4!!